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 ENOUGH SAID!   [...]

Attempted Murder in Death Valley

At Louisiana State University (LSU) there is a group of Christian students who are not only committed to Christ, but are rabid LSU football fans. They call themselves the Painted Posse and paint their bodies in [...]

Radio Podcast 1-20 – Mormon Salvation

Freddy Davis and Tal Davis discuss the topic of salvation from a Mormon perspective and how it compares to the Christian point of view. Download the MP3 [...]

What is the Meaning of Human History?

Freddy Davis discuses worldview question #7: What is the meaning of human history. [...]

“Flying Nuns” vs. “Flying Nones”?

One of the most innocuous TV shows ever made was “The Flying Nun.” It starred a very young Sally Field as a Catholic Nun who, when the wind blew under her wide brimmed habit, could lift [...]

Radio Podcast 1-19 – Theism

Freddy Davis and Tal Davis discuss the Theistic worldview and how it is expressed in the culture. They give special emphasis on how Christian Theism compares to non-Christian Theism. [...]

When Is a Church Not a Church?

I eat an apple nearly every day, so I get to cut into a lot of them. It doesn’t happen very often, but occasionally I find one that looks perfectly good on the outside, but when [...]

More Trouble for Scientology

  Legal and image problems continue to pile up on the leaders of the Church of Scientology International (CSI).  Two years ago several of its top leaders defected claiming that CSI CEO David Miscavige was an [...]

How Do We Know Right and Wrong?

Freddy Davis continues his series about how to answer the 7 worldview questions. This one answers question #6: How do we know right and wrong. [...]