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“Flying Nuns” vs. “Flying Nones”?

One of the most innocuous TV shows ever made was “The Flying Nun.” It starred a very young Sally Field as a Catholic Nun who, when the wind blew under her wide brimmed habit, could lift [...]

Tebow the Lightening Rod

I have not always been a Tim Tebow fan – at least in some ways. After all, he played for the University of Florida. And, worse than that, beat up on my Florida State Seminoles. But [...]

Why Non-Christian Beliefs are Wrong

Freddy Davis shares why the Christian worldview has more to commend it than other beliefs. [...]

The Place of Worldview in Witness

Freddy Davis discusses why an understanding of worldview is important for Christians who wish to share their faith. [...]

The Starting Place for Witness

Freddy Davis shares what matters must be dealt with in order to help people understand the Christian witness. [...]

Why Christians Don’t Witness

Freddy Davis shares some of the reasons Christians have a difficult time sharing their faith.   [...]

Why Should Christians Witness?

Freddy Davis shares the Christian worldview understanding of why Christians should share their faith.   [...]

Vanderbilt Leads the Way

This just in: Wiccan holy days are now part of Vanderbilt University’s school calendar. The purpose of this calendar is to help professors know how to deal with absences and make up tests when students claim [...]

The Great Christian Witness Dilemma

Sharing a witness, for most people, is a very real struggle. Check out my latest article on the topic of witness at [...]