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Discussion with Atheist about the Nature of Reality

As one of his offerings for the MarketFaith Ministries newsletter, Tal wrote a two part series called “Six Questions Atheists Can’t Answer.” You can read them at: Six Questions Atheists Can’t Answer: Part 1 ( Six [...]

You Are the Target of Naturalist’s Evangelism

One of the most difficult things for most Christians to deal with as we interact with the culture is the charge that we should not express our religious values out in society. Those who oppose Christians [...]

Helping Others – “Who Me?”: Part 3 – Practical Ways to Help Others

My last two articles in this newsletter concerned principles of loving and helping others. We discussed how often we have opportunities to offer aid to people in our churches and communities. We showed how, as Christians, [...]

False Arguments About Faith

Freddy Davis discusses false assumptions about biblical interpretation that lead to false conclusions. [...]

The Deception of Temporal Blessings

Recently, a couple of massive hurricanes hit the U.S. mainland and caused severe damage and loss of life. As it turns out, I was in the path of one of them, and actually had to evacuate [...]