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Do You Seriously Want Racial Peace and Harmony?

Recently there has been a big deal made about removing confederate statues. The main reason given for this is that it is supposed to promote racial peace and harmony. Since the statues are offensive to some [...]

The Faith Essentials – PDF

Issue 12-33 [...]

The Faith Essentials

For those who are just beginning to try to understand the importance of the topic of worldview, and even for those who have been studying it for a while, it is still sometimes difficult to get [...]

Communicating Truth – PDF

Issue 12-34 [...]

Communicating Truth

One of my favorite teachers growing up was Mr. Howard. He taught 9th grade Earth Science. What made him so popular for me and his other students was his obvious enthusiasm for his subject, and his [...]

That’s Not Fair!

Freddy Davis discusses the basis for morality and one of the main ways different worldviews fight about that in modern society. [...]

Why Are Latter-day Saints So Obsessed with Genealogical Research? Part 2

The Answer is Simple When We Dissect the Mormon Doctrine of Baptism for the Dead In the early 19th Century, Protestant Christians in America debated a number of theological issues. Some of the questions that were [...]

The Key to Overcoming Doubt about the Christian Faith

There is a new Barna survey out which indicates that about 80% of people who claim to be Christians have, or have had, doubts about their faith. The actual statistic is that 65% have had doubts [...]