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Does Immorality Exist Any More?

Do you find the current moral climate in America confusing? On the one hand, anyone who doesn’t agree with free sex, accept the legitimacy of homosexual relationships, and approve of every gender identity that anyone can [...]

Why So Much Sexual Harassment and Assault?

Wow, the spigots have been turned on wide open and left on. Once the Harvey Weinstein story took off concerning sexual harassment and assault, accusations have been flying at every turn. We have even more accusations [...]

Christian Worldview Academy

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At Least We’re Not Iceland! (or Are We?)

Recently, it was reported in the media that American actress Martha Plimpton interviewed online Seattle abortion doctor Dr. Willie Parker. (The video of the interview can be seen online. Google “Martha Plimpton abortion.”) The interview was [...]

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Do You Seriously Want Racial Peace and Harmony?

Recently there has been a big deal made about removing confederate statues. The main reason given for this is that it is supposed to promote racial peace and harmony. Since the statues are offensive to some [...]

Et tu Richard? Richard Dawkins Cancelled by Berkeley Radio Station- “Islamophobic”

Anyone who has followed our website over the years or pays attention to religious news is certainly familiar with Richard Dawkins. He may be the best known atheist and anti-theist in the world. He is a [...]

Living in a World of Lies

I don’t know about you, but frankly I am getting quite tired of all the lies and shenanigans that have become the norm in political discourse. Even the media outlets have become so partisan, that they [...]