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Individualism or Collectivism

Freddy Davis discusses how a biblical worldview promotes individualism and a naturalistic worldview promotes collectivism.   [...]

Is Sexual Harassment Wrong?

Freddy Davis talks about the worldview beliefs that lead people to think sexual harassment is normal behavior. [...]

Political Correctness is Wrong

Freddy Davis talks about the worldview problems associated with political correctness. [...]

False Arguments About Faith

Freddy Davis discusses false assumptions about biblical interpretation that lead to false conclusions. [...]

Sexual Immorality is Sexual Immorality

Freddy Davis compares the worldview foundation of the Nashville Statement with the Christians United Statement. [...]

That’s Not Fair!

Freddy Davis discusses the basis for morality and one of the main ways different worldviews fight about that in modern society. [...]

The Difficulty of Getting at the Truth

Freddy Davis discusses the difficulty of dealing with the truth in modern society. [...]

The Religion of Climate Change

Freddy Davis shares the religious nature of the arguments against President Trump pulling America out of the Paris Climate Agreement. [...]

How Important is Truth?

Freddy Davis discusses the importance of recognizing the concept of absolute truth as opposed to a relativistic understanding of truth. [...]

Is Your Worldview True?

Freddy Davis discusses Barna’s latest finding that only a small percentage of self-identified Christians hold a biblical worldview. [...]