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Should Government Favor Religion?

Freddy Davis discusses a Christian worldview perspective on how government should interact with religion. [...]

When is a Christian Not a Christian?

Freddy Davis shares a Christian worldview perspective on the true meaning of salvation. [...]

When Prayer is a Crime

Freddy Davis talks about the religious nature of efforts to eliminate Christian values from the public square. [...]

Separation of Church and State

Freddy Davis discusses the huge misconceptions related to the topic of separation of church and state. [...]

Cultural Calamity Source

Freddy Davis shares the ultimate source of all of the rottenness that is currently so evident in American culture. [...]

The Truth About Same Sex Marriage

Freddy Davis discusses some of the problems associated with same sex marriage based on a biblical worldview. [...]

Kick Him Out!

Freddy Davis discusses how Christians and the Christian faith is under attack in America and what can be done about it. [...]

What is Media Bias All About?

Freddy Davis discusses how liberal media bias is becoming more strident against Christians. [...]

Religious Freedom vs. Discrimination

Freddy Davis discusses the current seeming conflict between religious freedom and discrimination based on an understanding of worldview foundations. [...]

Where is the Line?

Freddy Davis discusses what measures Christians ought to take in the face of the increasing persecution being faced in America. [...]