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Tom Cruise and David Miscavige

Legal and image problems continue to pile up on the leaders of the Church of Scientology International (CSI).  Two years ago several of its top leaders defected claiming that CSI CEO David Miscavige was an authoritarian dictator who ruled the organization with an iron hand.  This past year has been no better as CSI’s two most famous followers, Tom Cruise and John Travolta, have garnered much negative publicity in their personal lives that has cast a bad light on their religion.

But now a new crisis has risen in the Scientology empire. According to a multi-series report this week on Atlanta News Radio WSB (750am), by reporter Pete Coombs, the Narconon International (NI) drug treatment organization, has come under heavy scrutiny.  NI is one of Scientology’s most lucrative front businesses. According the reports (read here: )   a former client at the Narconon center in Georgia died in 2008 while under its care. It is reported that the center’s director, despite her claims that NI is not affiliated with CSI, immediately called the CSI headquarters to get legal advice about what to do instead of reporting it to the proper government authorities. A series of lawsuits against NI and other Scientlogy entities are pending.

The report states that a defected former NI executive, Luke Catton, indicated that NI has two purposes, “recruit people into the Church of Scientology and make money. Helping people with drug and alcohol addiction is, he said, a means to those ends. ’The greater purpose is to indoctrinate people to become Scientologists,’ he said.”

We can all hope that this is just one more nail in Scientology’s coffin. Christians especially should pray that God will help bring down this satanic cult organization once and for all!



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