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Open Doors Releases 2018 Christian Persecution Report

Open Doors is a Christian ministry founded by the late famed Bible smuggler and religious rights advocate Brother Andrew (author of God’s Smuggler). Each January that organization releases its list of the worst fifty countries in [...]

At Least We’re Not Iceland! (or Are We?)

Recently, it was reported in the media that American actress Martha Plimpton interviewed online Seattle abortion doctor Dr. Willie Parker. (The video of the interview can be seen online. Google “Martha Plimpton abortion.”) The interview was [...]

What Does a Solar Eclipse Do Besides Obscure the Sun?

It was about one o’clock on a cool Saturday afternoon of March 7, 1970. Several teammates and I were standing on the running track in front of Leon High School getting ready to do some extra [...]

Et tu Richard? Richard Dawkins Cancelled by Berkeley Radio Station- “Islamophobic”

Anyone who has followed our website over the years or pays attention to religious news is certainly familiar with Richard Dawkins. He may be the best known atheist and anti-theist in the world. He is a [...]

Billy Graham: Man of the Century

If you lived in Tallahassee in November 2-9 of 1986 you may recall that Billy Graham conducted an evangelistic crusade at the Leon County Civic Center and Doak Campbell Stadium that week. He set a record [...]

How Involved are You in Your Church?

Last year the Pew Research Center published the results of a survey taken in 2014 gauging the levels of involvement of the members of various American church denominations in their congregations. They rated members as involved [...]

Persecution of Christians Growing Worldwide

After the fall of the Iron Curtain, about 25 years ago, I heard a sincere man say that this is the best time in history to be a Christian because persecution will no longer be a [...]

New Poll: Religious Slide Continues in USA

The results of a new poll conducted by the highly respected Pew Research Center for Religion and Public Life (PRCRPL) was released on November 3rd. For many years the PRCRPL has followed the trends in various [...]

Who Can Forgive Sins?

This week the news media is riveted by the visit of Pope Francis to the United States and other Western Hemisphere countries. Even the President and the White House rolled out the red carpet for the [...]

Planned Parenthood and “Situation Ethics”

 In the 1960s an ordained Episcopal priest and Harvard Divinity School ethics professor named Joseph Fletcher (1905-1991) wrote a best selling book titled Situation Ethics. In his lectures and books, Fletcher (who later admitted he was [...]