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What is Far Eastern Thought?

Freddy Davis shares the basics of the Far Eastern Thought worldview. [...]

What is Animism?

Freddy Davis shares an explanation of the Animistic worldview. [...]

What is Naturalism?

Freddy Davis gives an overview of the Naturalistic worldview.   [...]

Website Grand Opening

If you have been to our website recently, you have noticed that we have been working on a major overhaul. This has actually been in process for several months but we were waiting to make a [...]

Worldview Fights

Since the topic of worldview is relatively new on the scene, not too many people really understand why it could possibly be so important for Christians to grasp. After all, there are plenty of other topics [...]

What are the Worldview Authorities?

Freddy Davis explains the source of every worldview position based on a Christian worldview. [...]

Worldview Made Practical Radio 1

Download the MP3 To download MP3, right click with your mouse on the above link and choose “Save Link As …”. [...]

Unitarianism Part 3- What does the Future Hold?

It is the best of times. It is the worst of times for the Unitarian-Universalist Association. In one sense the movement may be on the cusp of a revival.  As secularism and Postmodernism continue to grow [...]

Vanderbilt Leads the Way

This just in: Wiccan holy days are now part of Vanderbilt University’s school calendar. The purpose of this calendar is to help professors know how to deal with absences and make up tests when students claim [...]

How Important is a Christian Worldview?

This year there has been a massive crackdown on the House Church movement in China. Even this week, Chinese authorities sentenced Shi Enhao (deputy leader of the Chinese House Church Alliance) to two years of “re-education [...]