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More on Unitarian-Universalism Part 2

  In my last blog I wrote about the history of Unitarianism in early America.  I discussed how at that time it was basically a nontrinitarian form of Christianity that nonetheless regarded the Bible as inspired.  [...]

Norway’s Worldview Crisis

We have all been riveted by the slaughter that recently took place in Norway. Anders Breivik, a supposed right wing Christian, went on a killing spree as a means of fighting against the influx of Muslims [...]

What is Worldview?

Freddy Davis explains the what a Worldview is and how it relates to our understanding of all that is around us. [...]

Worldview: Where it Comes From

Freddy Davis explores the origins of worldview. <iframe width=”560″ height=”349″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> [...]

How to Have Revival

Freddy Davis of MarketFaith Ministries shares how understanding the implications of worldview and applying its principles to live will bring revival in the Christian church.   [...]

Which is More Important?

There are those who believe that the primary focus for Christians ought to be personal experience. We experience our relationship with Christ and in that experience we get to know him better. There are others who [...]

Who is Baal?

Anyone who has done any study in the Old Testament has certainly come across the stories of how Baal worship was such an obstacle to Israel. Have a look at our most recent newsletter article and [...]

What does it take to be a Unitarian-Universalist? Part 1

        John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were the second and the third Presidents of the United States.   These are two of the most revered names in American history.  Jefferson and Adams were two of the most significant men, eclipsed perhaps [...]

Naturalism’s Insidious Pull

I was reading an article in the science section of Fox News called “Parasites May Have Given Birth to Sex.” Catchy title, but it is fascinating to me how people approach their work who do biological [...]

The Great Christian Witness Dilemma

Sharing a witness, for most people, is a very real struggle. Check out my latest article on the topic of witness at [...]