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Naturalism’s Insidious Pull

I was reading an article in the science section of Fox News called “Parasites May Have Given Birth to Sex.” Catchy title, but it is fascinating to me how people approach their work who do biological research based on a Naturalistic worldview. Of course this reflects the nature of worldview itself, but the entire article is written “as if” evolutionary theory is evolutionary fact.

The premise of any article based on Naturalistic assumptions about biology is that life emerged out of non-life and evolved from lower forms to ultimately produce the variety of life forms that exist today. This science article deals specifically with one aspect of that evolutionary process; How did the sex act between creatures evolve?

It is amazing the hoops these apologists jump through to try and make a case for their Naturalistic approach. The scientists involved in this study propose that initially all reproduction was asexual, but certain parasites came along which caused the life forms to either reproduce sexually or die out – so they quickly evolved the means for sexual reproduction. They try to justify their thinking by performing experiments on snails (which have the capability of sexual and asexual reproduction) in which they insert parasites into the environment.

My purpose here is not to give details about the experiment (you can read the article yourself if you wish to get that). Rather, it is to show the craziness of the approach these “scientists” take to try and prove their point. After all of the “proofs” they roll out, they end the article with this quote: “This study does not prove that co-evolving parasites were the reason (sex evolved in life forms),” he said. “But what this study does is set up a very plausible explanation for the evolution of sex.”

The truth is, there is no way to come to the conclusion they came to without asserting that the Naturalistic faith position is true. And it is not only the conclusions that are based on faith, but the entire rationale and methodology upon which the experiment is founded.
Biology, in our society is generally taught “as if” Naturalistic evolution is true, even though there is all kind of evidence that it is impossible. Christians need to be aware of the insidious nature of science reporting (and teaching in schools) and equip themselves with the knowledge to understand the problems associated with a Naturalistic worldview and the positive evidence for the truth of our Christian worldview.
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