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LiLo and Playboy

As much as I see the evidence that America is a post-Christian nation, I am still often taken back by some of the expressions I see of that fact. The evidence for this is not even [...]

Do Mormons Believe Salvation is Only Through Christ?

Recently a friend of mind wrote me this question:  Is there a group of Mormons that is evangelical, believing that Jesus Christ is only way of Salvation? Here’s how I answered. Good question. If you ask [...]

PETA Is at it Again

Just when you thought PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) couldn’t get any sillier, they manage to pull it off. They already got all over president Obama for killing a fly. They have also [...]

The Importance of Apologetics

Freddy Davis shares the importance of apologetics in explaining the Christian worldview.   [...]

Persecution of Christians in America

Here is the gist of two stories which made national news this week. A New Jersey high school teacher is under investigation after posting a message on her private Facebook page that she opposed homosexuality because [...]

Arguing on the Offensive

Freddy Davis shares how Christians don’t have to be on the defensive when sharing their faith. [...]

Why Non-Christian Beliefs are Wrong

Freddy Davis shares why the Christian worldview has more to commend it than other beliefs. [...]

Monkeys Produce Shakespeare – Not!

Evolutionists believe that given enough time, the random actions of matter was able to produce the universe as we know it today. To make this idea a little more tangible, someone came up with the analogy [...]

The Place of Worldview in Witness

Freddy Davis discusses why an understanding of worldview is important for Christians who wish to share their faith. [...]

The Starting Place for Witness

Freddy Davis shares what matters must be dealt with in order to help people understand the Christian witness. [...]