Blog Freddy — 20 October 2011

Here is the gist of two stories which made national news this week.

A New Jersey high school teacher is under investigation after posting a message on her private Facebook page that she opposed homosexuality because of her Christian faith. Homosexual rights activists are advocating for her removal from teaching. Even the governor of the state has chimed in to condemn her.

A public high school in Connecticut staged a homosexual themed play for its students without giving notice to parents or students ahead of time. The principle of the school said told a newspaper that he had no regrets about making the students participate even though a large number of people objected to it because of their faith.

What do both of these stories have in common? Well, the most obvious is that both deal with homosexuality. But that is not really the main concern for Christians. The biggest issue both have in common is that a non-Christian worldview has become so dominant in American society that Christians cannot speak their beliefs in the public square with being persecuted.

I picked these two stories simply because they were published most recently. But the number of incidents which fall into this category is staggeringly large and increasing. There is a loud and growing constituency in places of political and social influence who operate based on non-Christian worldview beliefs and they are determined to quash their Christian competitors. As Christians, it is important for us to treat everyone with respect. But this does not mean that we have to check our beliefs at the door by accepting immoral lifestyles in order to do it.

In order to combat this growing trend, there are two things that Christians must do. Both of these are essentials if we have any intention of turning things around. It cannot be done if large numbers of Christians don’t get serious about it.

First, we must get up to speed on the issues at hand. More than anything else, this means getting serious about laying down a solid foundation on the basics of worldview. Without this we can oppose those who hate us, but it will only end up being two voices shouting at one another. We must not only know what we believe, but why we believe it and why it is the truth. MarketFaith Ministries specifically trains Christians in this arena.

Secondly, we must actively share our faith. This one is quite dependent on the first. We can’t effectively share with others if we don’t know what is wrong with their beliefs and what is right with ours. But beyond knowing, we have to take the actual steps to share our faith.

If Christians don’t begin stepping up to the plate, it will not be too long before we find ourselves under even wider persecution.

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  1. Christians are also being fined in Canada and threaten to be put in prison for being anti-abortionist or against same sex marriages. These trends are now growing in the U.S.A. This socialistic government is claiming christians are guilty of hate crime(which are now the law in Canada). These so called anti-government people are called local terrorist and can be put in prolomged detention without a formal arrest or recourse to a court trial. There is a lot of evidence that these fema concertration camp are already designated in each state. Most American will laugh this off as a wild conspiracy theory. However, this has been in plan for a long time now, as the New World Order (NWO) which under the illuminati which is seeking a one world government, a one world religion and a one world monetery system, all under the control of (NWO) New World Government. They are working on doing away with our current constitution, as saying it is no longer functional and we have out- grown it. This is being taught in most of our law schools today. One of the aims of the NWO is to reduce the population of the world to apprrox. 5 million people. Also to do away with traditional christanity and to simply call them extremist and local terrorist and throw them in concentration camps. If they run into too much opposition, then they simply find an excuse to call marshal law and then they have full authority – Seems impossible? Check it out- do a little research for yourself. They are counting on us to do nothing, until it is too late!!!!

  2. I agree with your basic evaluation about the trends. However, the conspiracy ideas seem to me a little over the top. I don’t believe that all of this is the result of a concerted conspiracy as much as the number of believers in Naturalistic worldview becoming more numerous and acquiring positions of influence in society. At that point, their beliefs are merely being expressed in life – which includes putting down competing worldview beliefs (esp. Christian beliefs).

  3. I don’t believe it’s correct to force Christian standards on unbelievers. Unless God calls someone into the faith, as is predestined according to His purpose, an unbeliever is UNABLE to live a godly life. (ROMANS 8:7) I agree that as Christians, we should look different from the world, and obey our Lord Jesus and the commands given to us throughout the epistles. However, we are not to try and force non-Christians into our mold. (1 CORINTHIANS 5:12) We can present the truth of the Gospel, and if they are called by God, they will come to Christ, and the Holy Spirit will begin the work of transformation within them. Without Him, it is impossible to truly change and live as a Christian.

  4. I really don’t see your point, here. What do you mean by “forcing” Christian standards on unbelievers? The fact is, there will be a set of standards which dominate society, and I personally believe that Christian standards are preferable to those promoted by non-Christian religions and philosophies. While non-Christians are unable to live a godly life, they are able to live in a way which promotes an orderly and basically moral societal atmosphere. And, since God has so graced us to live in a society which allows its citizens to choose its leaders and make laws, I believe we have a stewardship responsibility to generate as much godly influence in the society as possible. It seems that according to your standards, Christians don’t have any responsibility to be good citizens.

    In addition to being a citizen of a country, we are also citizens of the Kingdom of God. And Jesus Christ, himself, commissioned believers to make disciples of all people. He also admonished his followers to be light and salt in the world. Of course we, as human beings, have no ability to save another person. Only God can change another person’s heart. But for some reason, he has called us to work alongside him as witnesses. Your “hands-off” approach seems to me to allow evil to flourish in ways God never intended.