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imagesIn my last blog (April- way too long ago) I discussed how the table is being set for American moral dominoes to continue to be knocked down. This past week we saw one big one finally tip over (by an arbitrary decision of five people). Same sex marriage is now legal in every state in the union. That despite the votes of a number of state plebiscites and the U.S. congress (Defense of Marriage Act [DOMA]) to define marriage as only between one man and one woman. The only way to undo the SCOTUS ruling would be to pass an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. At this point, there is little or no chance that can happen. It requires 2/3 majorities of both houses of Congress and ratification by ¾ of the state legislatures.

So, what’s next then? I believe many of the same secular propagandists whose agenda forced through this latest moral deterioration will not be content to stop here. The next “equal rights” movement may involve the cultural acceptance and legalization of polygamy or incest (marriages of siblings). Eventually they may advocate bestiality, or even pedophilia. The true is, now that marriage is legally undefined (not just redefined), it will soon lose what moral force it still has in our culture. I think at some point, and many are already there, people will no longer regard marriage as necessary.

So, how do we as Christians stand in the face of these cultural shifts. Let’s face it, we are firmly in the ethical morass of a post-Christian society. We are rapidly moving toward the same situation that the early church faced in the book of Acts. In that case, the culture, especially outside of Palestine, was almost totally pagan and tolerated all sorts of moral deviances. The government was dominated by a super-statist empire that generally did not tolerate Christian values.

What did the early church do? They unwaveringly worshipped God and Jesus and boldly did evangelism. Nonetheless, they dutifully obeyed the laws of the state. That is, so long as the law did not hinder the exercise and propagation of their faith or required them to engage in or support activities that contradicted biblical teaching. Christians today must do the same. We should obey the law, but resolutely continue to worship God, witness for Christ, and teach the Bible as truth, including the biblical definition of holy matrimony (see Gen. 2:24; Matt. 19:5).

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  1. Put genesis 19 Nov on your web site

    Then put Sodom Gomorrah current pictures on your address line and hit enter.

    It shows the results of genesis 19.

  2. Warm congratulations to all those happy people getting it on in and outside of marriage! They are living. You, however, are sadly wasting your life encouraging others to fear. The word of God doesn’t oppress but celebrates.

    • You are right that God doesn’t oppress but celebrates, but your understanding of what that means seems to be sadly lacking. You, obviously, don’t know God and seemingly have not read what he has revealed about such matters. Those who live in sin are not living life, but are living in spiritual death. And I certainly don’t encourage others to fear. Quite the opposite, in fact. As the Bible says, there is no fear in love (the biblical definition, not yours), but perfect love drives out fear. I pray that at some point in your life you will come to know the one within whom you can really know love.

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