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imagesFor the past thirty years or more, secularists and moral relativists, including many who claim to be Christian, have cunningly manipulated the media to convince the masses that fornication, homosexuality, transvestism, gay marriage, sadomasochism, and other practices that in past generations were regarded as wrong (or at least frowned upon and suppressed, if not fully outlawed) are now acceptable and normal.

 Tragically, they have, by and large, succeeded in that quest to lower the moral standards of American culture. Gay marriage, which not so long ago was opposed even by liberal politicians and most clergy, is on the verge of legal and cultural acceptability, and is even advocated by several Protestant denominations.  Not only is same-sex marriage acceptable, but those who actively oppose it, or refuse to service it (eg. bake wedding cakes), on religious grounds, are now accused of discrimination and face the prospects of legal prosecution.

 So, one may ask, what’s next? The next domino to fall may very well be one of the history’s oldest taboos: incest. Incest is sexual relations and/or marriage between parents and their children, between siblings, or between aunts/uncles with nieces/nephews. Those relationships are still illegal in nearly every state in the union. Many states also outlaw marriage between first cousins.

 The media’s cultural conditioning to extinguish those standards may already be starting. For instance, last week I watched a TV movie (rated TV14) about a typical American married couple with a “secret” they were trying to keep from their teen-aged children (a boy and girl) and friends. The secret, however, was revealed to the children by their grandmother. The secret: the children’s parents were brother and sister. 

 Eventually one other person learned the truth and tried to convince the son that his parents were “evil sinners” who deserved to die. He was, of course, a caricatured, Bible thumping, religious fanatic and bigot. In the end, he accidentally died and the secret remained covered.  The family rallied together with the wife saying as they all embraced, “We are a loving family and nothing can ever come between us.”

 The clear message was that the sibling couple, as consenting adults in love, had the full right to marry and conceive children (ignoring the fact that inbreeding often results in major genetic problems in offspring).  Does this mark the first subtle attempt by popular secular media to normalize another biblically condemned practice in the minds of Americans?  Are they also doing the same thing with polygamy (eg.: “Big Love”)?

 Folks, the moral dominoes are falling one by one. The only way to put the stops on them is a spiritual awakening. Please pray.

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