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No Big Deal, Right?

In our postmodern culture, the ultimate value is tolerance. And what could possibly be wrong with that? Even the Bible teaches we need to be tolerant of other people, right? Well, perhaps in some ways, but [...]

Worldview and Law

Freddy Davis shares how the various worldviews approach the topic of the law. [...]

Christians Under Attack

I honestly never thought I would see this in America in my lifetime. But here we are. Over the last couple of years it has been rather frustrating to watch the Christian faith come under attack [...]

“No More Compromise” …

… as if President Obama compromised in the first place. Last week, President Obama decreed that, based on the Obamacare law, he had the right to implement rules which would force the Roman Catholic Church to [...]

Worldview and Ethics

Freddy Davis shares how different worldviews deal with the topic of morality and ethics. [...]

Matching up with Jesus

A psychology professor at Stanford University recently had a survey published of respondents who self-identify as Christians. He wanted to see how people’s political views corresponded with the teachings of their faith. Bottom line – not [...]

So You Think it Couldn’t Happen Here?

Dateline Ireland: A Roman Catholic priest is being accused of committing a hate crime by a Humanist who was offended by the priest’s references to secularism in a sermon. The priest said, in his homily, that [...]

Worldview Made Practical Radio 5

Download the MP3 [...]

“It’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you!”

In 1997 Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts starred in a movie titled “Conspiracy Theory”.  Gibson played a paranoid cab driver named Jerry who believed in a host of conspiracies and was constantly reading and warning people about [...]