Blog Freddy — 28 February 2012

In our postmodern culture, the ultimate value is tolerance. And what could possibly be wrong with that? Even the Bible teaches we need to be tolerant of other people, right?

Well, perhaps in some ways, but tolerance in modern parlance has a slightly different meaning than the way we normally use the word. In today’s society, tolerance doesn’t mean putting up with an annoyance. Rather, it means that we can’t say another person’s belief is wrong because any belief is as good as any other belief. As long as we are sincere and don’t hurt or impose on anyone else, it doesn’t really matter what we believe.

Of course, tolerance doesn’t apply to Christian beliefs. It is not okay for Christians to have sincerely held beliefs because Christian beliefs are not tolerant.

What? We must be tolerant toward their beliefs but it is justified for them not to be tolerant toward us? Yes … because our beliefs are not right according to their definition.

So, when Galileo High School in San Fransisco held their school’s annual “Love Fest” on Valentine’s Day, it is no surprise that they were promoting tolerance. So what did that look like?

  • They learned how to correctly put a condom on a wooden penis using goggles with a distorted lens to give them a “drunken view” of things (so when they have sex when they are drunk – which would only be natural for high schoolers – they will be able to effectively protect themselves from venereal disease and pregnancy).
  • They played a variety of games that promoted safer sex.
  • They milled about at “safer sex” exhibits.
  • They participated in mock weddings with other students (it didn’t matter whether the couple was heterosexual or homosexual) and received a photocopied marriage certificate.
  • The participants received extra credit for participating in the festival.

In our postmodern culture, any kind of debauchery goes. All the more reason Christians must get up to speed with our worldview understanding. We must become increasingly able to stand strong against the intolerance of tolerance in modern society, and able share the gospel in a way that makes sense to those who need Christ.

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