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FBC Dallas Pastor Robert Jeffress


This morning I caught a video replay of Pastor Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas.  Apparently, last week, he mentioned to a reporter that he considers the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (AKA: LDS or Mormon Church) a cult.  The context was his public endorsement of Gov. Rick Perry, a professed evangelical Christian, for President of the USA.  The question was asked because his main Republcan opponent is Mitt Romney, a life long Mormon.

One may question the timing and wisdom of Pastor Jeffress’ statement, but we cannot question his accuracy about Mormonism.  By any objective theological definition Mormonism has all the marks of a cult.  As the Pastor stated and refused to retract , the official doctrines  of the LDS are entirely different from those of historic Christianity. The LDS has a totally different concept of God, a different concept of who Jesus Christ was and what he did, a different way of salvation, a different idea about life after death, a different set of scriptures, a different notion of what constitutes a church.  In fact, as someone who has studied Mormonism for more than thirty years I can say honestly that Christianity and Mormonism have no theology in common whatsoever.  None.  Thank you, Pastor Jeffress for standing your ground.

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