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The Unification Church/Moonies

Background History The founder and leader of the Unification Church is Sun Myung Moon. Moon was born in Korea on January 6, 1920 during the period when Korea was ruled by Japan. During his early years [...]

Conversation with a Nihilist

In the following dialog, I have a conversation with a person who wanted to challenge belief in a Christian worldview. “The Nihilistic Potato” began this conversation based on a video I had posted on YouTube. This [...]

What is the “Real” Church? Part 2

In the previous installment I mentioned how, in the 19th century, one very intense debate among Christian groups was over the answer to the question: What is the real church? One denomination would claim it was [...]

Citizenship Stewardship

Citizenship Stewardship [...]

Citizenship Stewardship

Well, the election is over and we are now in the process of moving forward to the next phase of political life in America. I hope you voted. Regardless of your personal point of view, if [...]

To Live or Not to Live

Freddy Davis shares a Christian worldview perspective on doctor assisted suicide. [...]