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Pants on FireI have been thinking a lot, lately, about what is going on in the U.S. these days, particularly as it relates to the actions of the president. Now, I certainly do have my issues with him related to his policy agenda. There is not really much I agree with him about on that front. But as bad as that is, there is something that disturbs me even more – his lying.

There is hardly a single one of the recent scandals about which he has not looked the American public in the eye and simply lied. For instance:
∙    He said he knew nothing about the Fast and Furious debacle.
∙    He said he knew nothing about the IRS scandal.
∙    He said he knew nothing about the NSA scandal.
∙    He said he was against homosexual marriage before his views “evolved.”
∙    He said he didn’t know about the problems with the Obamacare website.
∙    Concerning Obamacare, he said people could keep their insurance policies and doctors, and that insurance rates would go down.
∙    He said he doesn’t know what went on in Benghazi.
∙    He said he would like abortion to be rare.

I also think he is lying about his intentions regarding what is going on in the Middle East, his agenda concerning global warming, the way he is dealing with fossil fuels … and I could probably extend this list for another whole page.

Lying to cover for oneself is bad enough. Lying to promote a political agenda that would not be accepted if it were not lied about is inexcusable. And this president does this as a matter of course.

The reason he does it so easily is because he has a worldview which accepts the notion that the ends justify the means. In spite of the fact that he calls himself a Christian, he lives his life based on beliefs which come straight out of Naturalism. Lying is not a Christian value.

While the president is a high profile example of this problem, he is, unfortunately, not the only person who falls into this category. We have MANY politicians who are doing the exact same thing.

Sadly, America is getting what it deserves. Not that it makes me feel any better, it is just an observation. Enough people, it seems, are willing to accept this state of affairs. While there are a lot of people who are calling their members of congress and trying to support what is right, there is a much larger majority who either accept the lies because they agree with his policies, or who are just too complacent to register their displeasure.

As Christians, we have a duty to be good stewards of all the responsibility God has placed in our hands. This includes the stewardship of our oversight of the political process and of the culture. This means holding our politicians accountable for the words they speak. Until enough Christians take up the mantle, things are only going to get worse.

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  1. Freddy, I agree. The practical part of me says, how? I supported the Moral Majority and the former speaker of the house Nute was guilty just as Clinton was guilty. I have been pro-life since RoevsWade but none of our Christian efforts have done a thing. How do I effectively activate? I have the want to, but don’t know where to start. If I start how do I know that we can turn a corner. I suppose we start will our realm of influence.

    • There are many ways we can make a difference. It starts with our faithfulness to Christ as we personally walk the walk and share Christ with those who are on the other side. But it continues as we work to elect people who hold Christian values and hold our politician’s feet to the fire. It has taken many years for things to get the way they are based on the diligence of those who want to turn American into a godless place. We must be just as diligent in our faithfulness in order to turn things around.

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