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These days, it seem that there is no end to the scandals in our government. We are literally seeing assaults on the press, on private citizens, on conscience rights, on the legal system, and the list gets bigger by the day.

But that is not all. There is also an all out assault on moral decency. We have already seen that in the way the current government has literally promoted immorality in the military. And the outward results of that are beginning to be seen with the sudden spike in sexual assaults now making headlines. But truthfully, it is not just the military, it is the culture at large. And just when you thought it couldn’t get much lower, we now find out that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is reaching out to “help” 10 to 16 year old girls.

HHS has a website called This website includes tips on fitness, nutrition, and environmental health. All good, right? But wait! There is more. There is also a section on sex. In particular, it gives information about birth control (how to get access to condoms and emergency contraceptives), mutual masturbation, and anal sex. There is also a section called “Could I be Gay?” which helps the girls ask the right questions to determine their sexual orientation. And what is contained on the website is not just generic information. It is quite graphic, how-to explanations. All of this is the U.S. federal government’s way of helping our 10~16 year old girls.

The truly tragic part of all this is that the people who are putting this up truly believe they are doing a good thing. They honestly believe they are helping these girls work through the difficult tween years.

Where does this kind of moral standard come from? Quite simple, actually. The people at the helm of the good ship U.S. government hold a naturalistic worldview. Based on this worldview, God does not exist. Thus, there is no one available to give moral direction to these young girls except other human beings. And our dedicated federal workers are happy to step up to the plate and help out. Based on this worldview, the highest value is the survival of the species. An important part of that, in their minds, is to provide information about how to act like the animals we are and produce offspring, while staying free of venereal diseases and other health problems, all the while enjoying the pleasures of animalhood.

What we are seeing is the natural result of a naturalistic worldview taking over the land. The only counterweight to it is for a Christian worldview to sweep the nation. That will only happen when Christians, en masse, begin to get serious about taking the gospel to those who don’t know him. Seriously, I don’t see a lot of that happening these days.

What do we have to do to turn the tide? We have to become strong enough in our faith to be able to speak the truth to power, even in the face of persecution. The day is gone when the average Christian can just sit down and “leave it to the professionals.” God has called EVERY believer to be a witness. God has called EVERY believer to be salt and light in the world. It is about time we took God seriously.

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