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Time to Call Evil EVIL!

The recent events in Boston have again raised the level of consciousness in America about the continuing (and growing) threat of radical Jihadist Islam. It amazes me, however, how the present administration and many in the [...]

What is Wrong with Gay Marriage?

Freddy Davis discusses the topic of gay marriage based on a Christian worldview perspective. [...]

The Rise of the “None of the Aboves”

America has become such a contradictory place. We are becoming more secular in some ways but continue to be as spiritual as we were in the past. How can that be? Recently, the Pew Research Center [...]

Radio Podcast 2-7 – Biology

Freddy Davis and Tal Davis discuss a Christian worldview perspective on biology. Download MP3 [...]

Gay Marriage Origins

Freddy Davis discusses the origin of the concept of gay marriage as it is expressed in modern American culture. [...]