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The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) is an organization with the dubious goal of ridding the public square of all vestiges of religious influence, especially Christianity.  Recently that organization bought a full page advertisement in the New York Times that was clearly anti-Christian and particularly anti-Catholic. The ad was headlined with the pointed statement: “It’s time to consider quitting the Catholic Church!”  It also included a cartoon caricature of what appeared to be the Pope showing outrage over a woman using a birthcontrol pill.

Now, I don’t agree with the Catholic Church’s position on birth control (I do agree with them on abortion, however). But no one can dispute that the ad is in extremely poor taste and is offensive.  It is surprising that the Times would agree to run it- but, in the name of free speech, they did!

But, as Paul Harvey used to say, “Now the rest of the story”.   A few days later another organization called Stop Islamization of America submitted an ad that was very similar in format to the one from FFRF.  The headline on it was “It’s time to consider quitting Islam!”   It, too, had a caricature cartoon, this time of a Muslim cleric.  So when, in the name of free speech, did the Times run that one? Never. They refused saying it was offensive and would put Americans in danger.

My aim here is only to make the obvious point that there is something not right at the advertising bureau of the New York Times.  The double standard is clear.  The Times obviously feels it is okay to demean Christian churches and their sacred beliefs, not so with Islam.  I doubt seriously that the Times would have accepted an ad demeaning Judaism, Mormonism,  Hinduism, or any other nonChristian faith. But let’s face it, Christians are fair game in the eyes of Big Liberal Media.

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