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Did you hear about the recent court ruling which allows the New York public school system to ban churches from using public school buildings on weekends? It is a done deed. So now, 60 churches must find new places to meet. All of them are being kicked out. And since the public school system was given the okay, the city’s Housing Authority has told five churches that they also can no longer meet in community centers attached to public housing projects.

Seems there were four pastors (one a City Councilman) who wanted to protest against the City of New York for their decision to kick the churches out, so they knelt and prayed in front of a government building. For that, they were immediately taken to jail in handcuffs. So, the Wall Street Occupiers can camp out illegally for 40 days and do all kinds of evil and nasty things with no consequences, but there is no tolerance for Christians expressing their dissatisfaction for the anti-Christian actions of the city.

America is becoming a very different place than it used to be. Those not only with non-Christian worldviews, but with anti-Christian worldviews are standing in positions of power and using that power to try and kick Christians completely out of the public square. Their anti-Christian faith, for some reason, gets to trump believer’s Christian faith.

The reason most of this is happening is because so few Christians are willing to stand up and be counted. I believe that Christians still outnumber those who would put us down, but we cannot continue to allow ourselves to be bashed without answering back.

The beginning place for answering is to become proficient in understanding and expressing our Christian worldview.  The MarketFaith Ministries website is full of free information to help you in this quest. In addition, we have numerous other resources for purchase. And, of course, Tal and I are also available to provide special training.

Of course, fighting against those who would wipe out Christianity is not the purpose of our existence. But unless large numbers of Christians begin to stand up and be counted, we are going to be relegated more and more to our church buildings and it is going to become increasingly difficult to share our faith in public. We need to get our game on. We need to put forth the effort to become proficient in sharing the truth of our Christian faith.

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  1. Cool! This just in.

    Focus on the Family reports: “In a meeting with pastors over the weekend, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) backed off plans to kick out churches meeting in city-owned community centers, and instead is preparing to offer them long-term leases.”

    This is an indication of what can happen when Christians do stand up.