Worldview Certification

The Purpose of Certification
The very purpose of MarketFaith Ministries is to provide in-depth discipleship training for the body of Christ. We are an equipping ministry with a particular focus on giving training regarding the practical implications of worldview. As a part of our equipping process, MarketFaith Ministries offers a certification process which culminates in persons becoming Certified Worldview Analysts.

The world we live in today is one in which many different belief systems interact in close proximity. The interaction creates a great deal of confusion and, in many cases, conflict. For Christians, the confusion makes it difficult to feel self-assured  in the truth of our own faith, much less feel confident in sharing a witness with non-believers. The purpose of this certification is to provide a means of gaining the necessary knowledge foundation to boost our confidence in these areas.

The Content of the Certification
There are four levels of worldview certification – Certified Worldview Analyst I, II, III and IV. Certification is achieved by completing the Worldview Study Guides, then completing a certification test.

Worldview Analyst I is achieved by completing the first study guide – What is Worldview? This study provides the foundation for all of the other study guides by giving a basic understanding of the meaning of worldview, the worldview possibilities and the skills for breaking down the beliefs of those you find in the marketplace of ideas out in the world.

Worldview Analyst II is accomplished by completing the second study guide – Understanding the Christian Worldview. This equipping module takes a look at our Christian beliefs from a worldview perspective. The purpose is not only to gain an understanding of what we believe, but also why our Christian faith is the Truth about the structure of reality.

Worldview Analyst III is reached by completing the third study guide – Worldview and Your Personal Relationship with God. In this study, attention is turned to some of the very practical, and most important, implications of worldview. It is one thing to believe that the God of the Bible represents the truth about reality, it is another thing altogether to actually develop a personal relationship with him. In this study you will gain the knowledge and skills, based on a Christian worldview perspective, for deepening your personal relationship with God.

Worldview Analyst IV is achieved by completing the fourth study guide – Worldview and Your Witness. In times past, in Western cultures, it was enough to simply be able to share the gospel message in order lead a person to a decision to receive Christ. That is simply not the case in today’s world. Since so many people adhere to non-Christian worldview belief systems, it is often necessary to begin a witness from a different starting point. This study provides practical preparation for sharing a Christian witness with any person, no matter their worldview background.

The Process of Becoming Certified
There are two ways to achieve certification – by attending a live certification training or to complete the study guides and achieve at least a 70% score on the certification test.

Live Training
In the future other instructors will be certified to lead this training. But at this point, live trainings are only done by Freddy Davis, president of MarketFaith Ministries. For information on live training opportunities, you may check the Presentation Schedule on the MarketFaith Ministries website. Or, to schedule your own training event, please contact MarketFaith Ministries.

Training by Correspondence
You may also receive certification by obtaining a study guide and completing the work contained in it. The guides must be completed sequentially. Study guides may purchased directly from MarketFaith ministries. Following the completion of the study guide, you may request the certification test.

To begin your certification process by correspondence, proceed using the following steps.
1. Purchase the appropriate study guide in the MarketFaith Ministries website bookstore. Study guides may be purchased for $25.00 each.
2. Work through the entire workbook completing each part. There are no unimportant parts of the process. Certification will not be granted unless every element of every session is completed. There will be no exceptions.
3. After completion of the study guide, contact MarketFaith Ministries and request your certification test. The cost for taking the test is $50.00. There are three ways to make payment. You may:

A. Send in your payment by regular mail to:

MarketFaith Ministries
321 Anton Dr.
Tallahassee, FL 32312

B. Pay online at the MarketFaith Ministries website bookstore.

C. Pay by credit card over the phone by calling the MarketFaith Ministries office at 850-383-9756

4. After the completion of your certification process, your certificate will be sent to you.

Fulfilling the Need
We live in a day when our Christian faith is under greater assault than has been witnessed in the entire history of our nation. In order for Christians to be able to handle this attack, it is necessary to become equipped to understand the strengths of our own beliefs and the weaknesses of others.

The fact is, our Christian faith does represent the Truth about the nature of reality and it is a faith which stands up powerfully against the attacks which are put against it – if we have the knowledge to make our case. Worldview certification is a powerful tool for gaining that essential knowledge. You are encouraged to begin your journey today.