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This is the headline of a news clip about a new movie which is about to be released. The premise of the movie, it seems, is that in 2093 a space expedition heads out into the universe in search of humanity’s origin. In the process, they come across a race of alien creatures who have the same DNA as human beings. So the idea is put forth that human life was seeded from an alien race from another planet.

Listening to some of the stars talk about their experience making the movie is quite telling. One said she believed in angels when she was young and this brought those thoughts back to her (apparently she left those beliefs for something else at some point in her life). Another one said this seems as probable as any other theory out there … that energy just transfers from one thing to the next and that aliens actually exist, and are even among us. The only problem is, there is no evidence of any kind that the idea in the movie is true. It is just someone’s speculative fantasy. So, why would the movie make anyone question their faith in Christ?

Now, I personally enjoy sci-fi and love a good action movie as much as anyone. And when this comes out I might go watch it. But I am certainly not looking to a movie to give me answers to the origin of human life on earth. People who come up with these kinds of theories simply don’t have any basis for their beliefs. They begin with the premise that there has to be a natural explanation for life and, since they can’t produce any actual science to back up their belief, they begin to speculate about ways it “could” naturally happen. So we get things like Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, life chemicals coming to earth from outer space embedded in crystals, and the movie Prometheus.

I promise you, if you start talking to random people about the origin of human life on earth, particularly with those who are not Christians or are “nominal” Christians, you are going to find all kinds of strange, and unsubstantiated, speculations. This actually becomes a great opportunity to share your faith in Christ. But you will only be able to do it effectively if you understand your own Christian faith and why it represents the objective truth about reality. In the pluralistic culture we now inhabit, it is critical for Christians to get up to speed on this by understanding the concept of worldview. A great place to start is to sign up for the free MarketFaith Ministries newsletter on the ministry website homepage (

God does actually exist as the person described in the Bible and he, by his creative activity, is responsible for humanity’s origin. We can be confident of this not only because we believe the Bible to be true, but because we can actually know him in a personal relationship.

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