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You’ve got to be kidding, right? Sagging sales are prompting the comic book companies to explore new ways to sell their books. But turning Green Lantern into an openly homosexual man …? Is there really that much of the population which is so excited about promoting the homosexual agenda that they are going to flock to Green Lantern comics because he has come out of the closet? I don’t think so! It seems, though, that it is not enough these days to simply accept sexually immoral behavior, it must also be celebrated.

When I was growing up, I loved comic books and Green Lantern was one of my favorites. And when the movie came out last year, I thought it was great! But frankly, this makes me not want to have anything to do with Green Lantern. In fact, it even makes me not want to have anything to do with any DC comics in general or any of their comic characters – in the comic books or the movies or any other place.

Perhaps American culture has moved so far from its roots, and anti-biblical morality makes so much money, that those who produce it just don’t care. But I do! I feel that these marketers are simply spitting in my face. And while I can’t stop them from spitting, I can put myself in a position to where I am not spit upon. There are a couple of ways to do this.

One way is to simply not support these anti-Christian efforts in the marketplace in the same way that they don’t support me. They, obviously, don’t want my business and I am happy to oblige. I have already stopped watching TV shows or movies which promote values that I don’t believe in. They are simply no fun to me. This will merely be an extension of that. I don’t consider this a boycott (though it has the same effect), I just don’t want to expose myself to such junk.

The second way to deal with this is to become proficient in engaging the anti-Christian world from a Christian platform. We can start by exposing the immoral material for what it is – immoral material. To do that we must become thoroughly equipped in understanding why our faith is the truth and the faith that underpins these kinds of anti-Christian materials is not the truth. Then, we must become active sharing our faith with the anti-Christian world and share with them how they can know a personal relationship with Christ.

The foundation for both of these approaches is an understanding of worldview and its practical implications for life. Every Christian needs to get up to speed on this or we will continue to see the downward spiral of our formerly Christian culture. There are scores of resources on the MarketFaith Ministries website which can help you in this effort ( Begin now by taking the initiative to become the best disciple of Christ you can possibly be.

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