Blog Freddy — 05 December 2011

Up until recently, Wiccans and other pagan worshipers had no place to worship at the U.S. Air Force academy. Now, thanks to an $80,000.00 investment from the U.S. government, that problem has been remedied. The new ritual site is located on a hill overlooking the cadet chapel. There are currently four to seven cadets (out of 4,300 total) who gather there each week for worship. There are three cadets who have formally identified themselves as Pagans.

My purpose, here, is simply to make the point that we truly are a post-Christian nation. In spite of there being so few who have actually identified themselves as Pagans at the Air Force Academy, Christianity is now so weak that it no longer holds a position strong enough to be considered the national faith. And even though a majority of Americans would still call themselves Christians if asked, most of those are Christian based only on cultural identity, not because they have a vital personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Faithful Christians can no longer sit back and be silent believers. We either step up to the plate as faithful witnesses or get totally relegated to shadows. To accomplish this, Christians must become worldview literate. I hope you will take advantage of the many resources on the MarketFaith Ministries website ( to get up to speed. We are also glad to come to your church and provide specific worldview training. Don’t put it off any longer.

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