Blog Freddy — 12 December 2011

I have not always been a Tim Tebow fan – at least in some ways. After all, he played for the University of Florida. And, worse than that, beat up on my Florida State Seminoles. But even in the days when I disliked Tebow the Gator, I was a fan of Tebow the man. And I am even more of a fan now that he is in the NFL and FSU can get back to whipping up on Florida.

But watching the reaction to him as he plays in the NFL is just amazing to watch. The expressions of antagonism toward him are displayed everywhere. Football commentators on TV talk ugly about him. Sportswriters write negative articles about him. Other football players mock him when they make a play on him on the field. I can understand if you are not a Broncos fan, that you want him to lose. But this goes way beyond football fandom. The vitriol being poured out against him is not for his play on the field, but because he is a Christian who doesn’t water down his faith.

There are a lot of people who claim to be Christians who don’t walk the walk. The thing is, walking the walk is the real indicator of a faithful Christian. That is what demonstrates that you truly hold a Christian worldview. When we give our lives to Christ, he changes us and we become different than we were before. If we are not willing to live out the change in our lives, the question is, “Were we ever changed in the first place?”

I am not particularly a Denver Broncos fan, but I can tell you, I am a big Tim Tebow fan. And the reason for my fandom is because I love what he stands for and the fact that he is willing to stand strong. What a great witness he is for Christ. I want my witness to cause such a stir.

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