Blog Freddy — 04 November 2011

Court: Nurses Don’t Have to Do Abortions, for Now.

City Sued over Permit Policy.

Shot down: Operation Christmas Child.

These are three headlines that I read just today. While they may seem to be totally unrelated, they actually all have a common theme.

A hospital in New Jersey made a new rule last month that all of their nursing staff had to take their turn helping doctors perform abortions, even if their religious or moral convictions were against it. A federal judge has temporarily halted the implementation of this rule while the courts deal with the case.

The city of Jacksonville, North Carolina has given the police department the authority to move legally authorized protesters out from in front of an abortion clinic to wherever they want to relocate them.

The United States Air Force Academy has backed down to an atheist who was upset that cadets at the academy were helping to stuff Operation Christmas Child boxes because the boxes contain a gospel tract.

And the common thread in all of these? Should be obvious. All are assaults on specifically Christian beliefs and practices.

The truth is, this kind of thing is happening more every day in America. These were today’s headlines, but there will be just as many tomorrow and the day after.

Part of the problem is that anti-Christian forces are becoming more militant and bold in their attempts to eradicate anything Christian from the American landscape. But there is another problem. A majority of Christians don’t know their faith well enough to answer the critics and don’t care enough to learn. This problem will continue to get worse until Christians begin to step up to the plate and do their due diligence.

The worldview training and materials provided by MarketFaith Ministries is a great first step to help equip Christians to be faithful believers and witnesses. It is our prayer that you will use the resources on the MarketFaith Ministries website to get yourself up to speed. We also want to offer our services to provide you and your church with training opportunities. Feel free to call us today at 850-383-9745 to discuss how we can help you.

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