Blog Freddy — 29 September 2011

This just in. A Christian restaurant owner in Great Britain was threatened with arrest for playing a Bible DVD that included passages critical of homosexuality. It seems that Britain has a law, called the Public Order Act, which prohibits the use of “insulting” words that can cause “harassment, alarm or distress.” The restaurant has long played a DVD version of the New Testament on an overhead TV using the closed captioning feature.

It seems that a customer complained after Romans 1:26-27 concerning a Christian understanding of homosexuality showed on the screen. Two police officers came into the restaurant and threatened to take the owner to jail if he didn’t turn it off.

“What in the world is going on in Great Britain?,” you might ask. But we might better ask, “What is going on in America?” The city of San Juan Capistrano, California recently fined Chuck and Stephanie Fromm $300.00 after an atheist in their neighborhood complained about a Bible study in their home. And they were told that if they did it again, the fine would be $500.00 for each future violation. It seems that the city has an ordinance that requires groups of more than three people gathering in homes to buy a permit. Of course, the ordinance is never enforced, but it was for the Christians.

So, you think Christians have nothing to be concerned about in America? Think again! These kinds of incidents are happening more and more frequently. Why? Because people who hate Christianity are becoming more numerous and inserting themselves into the places where decisions are made for communities. Christians, on the other hand, are retreating to their church buildings and sticking their heads in the sand.

Certainly, our main focus needs to be on building the kingdom of God by bringing more and more people into relationship to Christ. And if we were faithful at doing that, this kind of problem would take care of itself. More Christians would be in positions of civic responsibility.

The world we live in is different than it used to be. As Christians, we must become more competent, then more bold in our witness. An understanding of worldview is critical to help Christians deal with what exists in today’s world. MarketFaith Ministries is committed to help you in this process. Contact us today and invite us to share Christian worldview skills with your church.

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