Worldview Training for Christian Schools

The world that our children are engaged with is very different than that of the previous generation. With the advent of modern transportation and communication technology, the diversity of cultures and beliefs that youth must face is enormous. On top of that, we live in a world that has a hard time dealing with absolutes. And the Christian faith is built on absolutes. Without specialized training in worldview and specifically an understanding of why the Christian worldview is the truth, our youth will not be able stand strong in their faith. We already see the devastating consequences of this as we see the majority of our Christian young people leaving the church and even falling away from the faith they were brought up in.

MarketFaith Ministries provides training for youth to help them understand the concept of worldview in general and the Christian worldview in particular. There is a particular focus not only on what the Christian worldview teaches, but why it is the truth and other beliefs are not.