Missions Volunteer Training

Many churches are now reaching out beyond themselves to do mission work in their own town, in other places in America and even overseas. It is certainly possible to do Bible school, help build a house, disaster relief and the like without having special worldview training. And these kinds of efforts are great for sharing the gospel.

But to truly make an impact, it is necessary to be able to effectively share a witness. While a very simple type witness training can be effective in some cases, a more in-depth understanding is needed when you get beyond a circumstance where you are working with people who already believe in the God of the Bible. This is especially critical if you are planning to work with people who are of a different culture or religion. And the further you get away from your own Christian faith, the more critical this becomes.

MarketFaith Ministries is able to provide Missions Volunteer Training to help satisfy this need. This training includes:
1. An introduction to worldview. Missions Volunteer Training begins by laying the foundation for understanding worldview. This is necessary to grasp the way people think about faith.

2. Understanding your people group. The training is customized to the group the missions volunteers will be interacting with. If there is little of no information available about this group, a methodology for mapping the beliefs of the target group will be shared.

3. Bridging the gap. MarketFaith Ministries will provide specific training on how to share a witness in a way that makes sense to the target group.

4. Practice. Missions volunteers will be given hands on practice in handling the worldview differences between themselves and the target people group.