Lay Seminary in a Can

One of the greatest shortcomings for lay Christians is a lack of comprehensive knowledge of the Christian faith. This leads to a lack of confidence in their own faith and hesitancy to share a witness for Christ. Professional ministers typically get this kind of training in seminary or Bible college, but very few lay Christians have the opportunity to take advantage of this kind of in-depth training. However, this is necessary training for every Christian who is serious about living out their faith in our modern world.

MarketFaith Ministries can tailor make and present a training program for your church. Depending on the particular circumstances, we can deliver this training in preaching services, 1-3 hour training classes, 6-8 hour boot camp experiences, weekend seminars or even full week training events. The breadth and depth of the training is only limited by the kind of format that the church wants to implement.

The content of this training can include the following areas.
1. Basic Worldview Understanding – This training answers the question: What is worldview and what are the worldview possibilities? The purpose of this teaching is to help everyday Christians understand more fully the non-Christian world in which God has called them to minister.

2. Understanding the Christian Worldview – A Christian worldview has very specific parameters. Here we address: What is special about the Christian worldview and why is it the truth?

3. Worldview and Your Personal Relationship with God – A Christian worldview creates an environment for a relationship with God which is different than any other belief system. This training focuses on prayer and Bible study and teaches specific skills which will make a Christian’s relationship with God more powerful than could otherwise be imagined.

4. Worldview and Your Witness – One of the biggest hindrances to Christian witness is a lack of knowledge of one’s own faith and that of others. This witness training steps beyond traditional approaches  and gives foundational knowledge and skills from a worldview perspective which are able to help Christians become confident in their ability to share their faith with virtually anyone. As appropriate, training can also be provided on specific religions, cults and philosophies.