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Worldview and Biology

Freddy Davis shares how the various worldviews deal with the topic of biology. [...]

God and Man at Yale + 62

One of my favorite conservative commentators of all time was the late William F. Buckley, Jr.  I used to love his weekly interview show called “The Firing Line'” that ran on PBS from 1966 to 1999.  He [...]

What Should a Christian Know?

Have you ever been frustrated with the level of your Christian faith? You want to be more committed and active in living out and sharing your faith, but somehow just don’t seem to be able to [...]

The Best Christian New Year’s Resolution

What is the best New Year’s resolution a Christian can make? I can hear various believers making some now: I will attend church more frequently. I will read my Bible every day. I will have a [...]

What’s Christmas All About?

In early 1965 the CBS network and Coca-Cola asked Charles Schultz if he would be willing to write a script for an animated Christmas special of the Peanuts comic strip.  At that time the Peanuts characters [...]

Worldview and Philosophy

Freddy Davis shares how the different worldviews deal with philosophy. [...]

Tebow the Lightening Rod

I have not always been a Tim Tebow fan – at least in some ways. After all, he played for the University of Florida. And, worse than that, beat up on my Florida State Seminoles. But [...]

Witches in the Air Force

Up until recently, Wiccans and other pagan worshipers had no place to worship at the U.S. Air Force academy. Now, thanks to an $80,000.00 investment from the U.S. government, that problem has been remedied. The new [...]

Come on Nancy – “Conscience thing?”

Based on a Naturalistic worldview, the final authority is the one(s) in a position of power able to assert authority. In many cases, that is simply the individual who decides for him or herself what they [...]