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What Does a Solar Eclipse Do Besides Obscure the Sun?

It was about one o’clock on a cool Saturday afternoon of March 7, 1970. Several teammates and I were standing on the running track in front of Leon High School getting ready to do some extra [...]

Planned Parenthood and “Situation Ethics”

 In the 1960s an ordained Episcopal priest and Harvard Divinity School ethics professor named Joseph Fletcher (1905-1991) wrote a best selling book titled Situation Ethics. In his lectures and books, Fletcher (who later admitted he was [...]

“The Life of Pi”- Take Your Kids, but Don’t Just Leave it There!

My wife and I just got home from seeing Ang Lee’s incredible new film “The Life of Pi.” I encourage you to see it and take your older children and teens (about age 10 and up [...]

The Day After

The elections are finally over! And, whether or not your favorite candidates won, like me, on one level you are probably relieved it is all over.  For the past year it seems all we heard about was [...]

“Flying Nuns” vs. “Flying Nones”?

One of the most innocuous TV shows ever made was “The Flying Nun.” It starred a very young Sally Field as a Catholic Nun who, when the wind blew under her wide brimmed habit, could lift [...]

Life is Even More Complex Than We Thought!

A few years ago my college alma-mater conducted a public conference extolling what the organizers saw as the scientific certainty of Darwinian Evolution (DE) and the foolishness of creationism.  When I found out about the symposium I wrote an email letter to the [...]

LiLo and Playboy

As much as I see the evidence that America is a post-Christian nation, I am still often taken back by some of the expressions I see of that fact. The evidence for this is not even [...]

PETA Is at it Again

Just when you thought PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) couldn’t get any sillier, they manage to pull it off. They already got all over president Obama for killing a fly. They have also [...]

Monkeys Produce Shakespeare – Not!

Evolutionists believe that given enough time, the random actions of matter was able to produce the universe as we know it today. To make this idea a little more tangible, someone came up with the analogy [...]

Short Term Marriage

Just when you think you have heard it all, something else comes along. I just saw a news report that tells of a proposal being considered by Mexico City lawmakers to create adjustable marriage contracts. These [...]