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Witches in the Air Force

Up until recently, Wiccans and other pagan worshipers had no place to worship at the U.S. Air Force academy. Now, thanks to an $80,000.00 investment from the U.S. government, that problem has been remedied. The new [...]

Come on Nancy – “Conscience thing?”

Based on a Naturalistic worldview, the final authority is the one(s) in a position of power able to assert authority. In many cases, that is simply the individual who decides for him or herself what they [...]

Occupy the Christian Faith

The longer this Occupy Wall Street thing goes on, the more bizarre it seems to get. It is hard to figure out fully what these folks want because every person interviewed seems to have a different [...]

Political Goals vs. Political Motivations

Leeann Tweeden is the former host of a Fox Sports Network show, but she also talks politics with the likes of Sean Hannety. Her latest gig? Posing nude for Playboy. According to Leeann, “I’m secure in [...]

Christian Bashing in America

Court: Nurses Don’t Have to Do Abortions, for Now. City Sued over Permit Policy. Shot down: Operation Christmas Child. These are three headlines that I read just today. While they may seem to be totally unrelated, [...]

LiLo and Playboy

As much as I see the evidence that America is a post-Christian nation, I am still often taken back by some of the expressions I see of that fact. The evidence for this is not even [...]

PETA Is at it Again

Just when you thought PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) couldn’t get any sillier, they manage to pull it off. They already got all over president Obama for killing a fly. They have also [...]

The Importance of Apologetics

Freddy Davis shares the importance of apologetics in explaining the Christian worldview.   [...]

Persecution of Christians in America

Here is the gist of two stories which made national news this week. A New Jersey high school teacher is under investigation after posting a message on her private Facebook page that she opposed homosexuality because [...]

Why Non-Christian Beliefs are Wrong

Freddy Davis shares why the Christian worldview has more to commend it than other beliefs. [...]