Curtis Clark

Freddy Davis and Tal Davis have written an engaging book on rethinking how to share a witness for Christ in the 21st century.  Most Christians desire to share their faith effectively, but as we share we often come across barriers to witnessing that make it difficult to share effectively.  America has changed radically in the last fifty years but we too often base our witness on ideas that no longer work.  We are answering questions that the lost are no longer asking.  Our basic assumptions about the belief systems that undergird those around us need to change.  As a pastor desiring to lead his church to be more affective and as a Christian wishing to more effectively share, Freddy and Tal’s book, Bridges, is a great help in understanding how to more effectively share about Christ.  Freddy and Tal challenge us to think about the lost around us in a new way.

Curtis D. Clark – Senior Pastor
Thomasville Road Baptist Church, Tallahassee, FL