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Lies, All Lies

One of the biggest losers in modern American society is the truth. Naturalism, the chief competitor to the Christian faith in our day, has now become the dominant worldview in the culture – and it is systematically stamping out truth.

Naturalism is the belief that the natural universe is all that exists. As such, there can be no God, thus no objective basis for truth. Truth becomes simply the personal desires of individuals or the consensus of society. Interestingly, most people in society would deny they are Naturalists, even though they accept the cultural expressions of a naturalistic worldview. This is a perfect example of how the truth is being quashed.

As the current cultural leaders have created the “new truth” that they desire, they have had to turn true reality on its head. In doing this, we now see actual public policy in place that is based on a lie. If this were not bad enough, the actual truth about reality is now called a lie, and those who hold to the truth are singled out for punishment if they go against the new power brokers. Let’s take a brief look as some of the lies that are now asserted as truth.

Based on naturalistic beliefs, abortion is perfectly okay. Since human beings are understood to be simply one animal creature among many on earth, human life is not special. Humans are only seen to be valuable as a species in the same way all other species are valuable. What special value is acknowledged is not vested in individual humans, but in the species as a whole. So if the consensus of society or the decrees of the powerful allows for abortion, for whatever reason (population control, to prevent global warming, personal autonomy, convenience of the pregnant woman, etc.), then it is considered to be perfectly fine.

But that point of view does not represent reality. Scientifically, a baby in the womb is an actual human being. Additionally, human beings are special persons created in the image of God. Killing a baby in the mother’s womb is, in a literal sense, murder. It is the taking of innocent life. God actually does exist, and the moral values he has revealed represent objective reality. The consensus of society and the decrees of the powerful may legalize wrongdoing, but it must do so based on a fantasy. Human life is special, and living according to the reality of that truth is the only way humanity can live in truth.

Non-Traditional Family
In a natural sense, since reproduction in the human species requires a male and a female, family has always been associated with a unit consisting of a male, a female, and children. However, based on a naturalistic worldview, there is no objective definition of family. The family construct is decided by the collective and can become anything that is able to gain the approval of society. Now that science has advanced to the point of being able to create children in a lab, Naturalists don’t see any problem with redefining family to include other configurations. The traditional definition, to them, has become obsolete. Already, homosexual marriage has gained acceptance to the point of legalization, and polygamy is on the same path. There are even efforts being made to legitimize such strange family configurations as humans and animals, and even humans and robots.

But regardless of what society is willing to accept, a non-traditional human family configuration does not represent reality. A family unit is not merely a biological system, as Naturalists conceive, but is a grouping of self-conscious spiritual persons. God actually created human beings to exist in a family unit, and the persons involved in the grouping live in a way that allows the various members to complement one another. This truth is founded not only upon biology, but includes psychological, social, and spiritual factors, as well. Based on the actual reality of the human person, the traditional family is the only configuration that represents the way reality actually works. Those who want to create alternative groupings must do so based on fantasy.

Transgender Rights
Using a naturalistic worldview perspective, it is considered that people ought to be able to decide their own gender. Of course, Naturalists do generally recognize the scientific fact that there are only two biological sexes, male and female, but do not base their understanding of sexuality on this scientific fact. Rather, they make an artificial distinction between sexuality and gender. The way they define this is that “sex” refers to the biological differences between males and females, and “gender” refers to the role of a male or female in society, or to an individual’s concept of self. In other words, while sexuality is fixed, gender is fluid, and people can decide on their own what they want to be. Since, in Naturalism, no objective standard exists regarding sociological matters, the members of society have the option to choose what they will accept.

This naturalistic definition, however, is completely arbitrary. There is no reason for separating sexuality and gender other than that a naturalistic philosophy allows for it. It does not, however, reflect actual reality. There are only two genders, and creating a new definition out of thin air does not change reality. Those who promote transgender rights must base their efforts on a fantasy.

Sexual Morality
Naturalism understands human beings to be merely one of many naturally evolved species of animals – nothing more and nothing less. That being the case, sexuality is nothing more than a natural biological urge that exists for the purpose of procreation. But even if procreation is not the desire of particular individuals, engaging in sexual relations for the mere pleasure of it is not seen as a moral issue. Since Naturalism does not believe in the existence of anything outside of the natural universe, there is no one in existence who can decree an objective moral standard. Thus, human beings are only subject to the moral standards which become the consensus of society. This is the fantasy that must be accepted in order to live by this point of view.

The problem, though, for Naturalists, is that this does not reflect reality. God does exist, and he created the material universe in a particular way for a particular reason. Human sexuality, in God’s purpose, goes beyond mere physical pleasure. It is tied up both in the way he desired the physical structure of the family to exist, and in the spiritual legacy it is supposed to pass on to future generations. He designed it so that the structure is to be composed of one man and one woman who would be the core of a biological family unit. He also designed it so that parents could pass on knowledge of God to their offspring. People who engage in sexual relations outside of this traditional family unit pervert both the structure and purpose of God’s will.

Religion in the Public Square
Interestingly, most people who believe in Naturalism do not see their beliefs as a religious system. Since they believe that the natural universe is all that exists, that must also mean that everything, in all of reality, must operate based on natural laws which can be understood by the human mind. They would be quick, of course, to point out that there is a lot about the natural operation of the universe that we do not yet know, but insist that given enough time and research, we will ultimately come to a place where we can figure it all out. As such, they see their beliefs as based totally on science. With that starting point, they do not recognize any need to include faith in the mix of accepted philosophies in society. In fact, they see faith positions as false beliefs. Thus, they believe it is possible to be faith neutral, and that should be what dominates the public square.

But Naturalism is not faith neutral. In fact, it is very much, itself, a faith system. The assertion that the natural universe is all that exists is a faith statement. There is no science able to demonstrate that to be true. So the attempt to push religion out of the public square is an impossibility. What is really at play is the attempt to push the influence of one particular faith system out of the public square and replace it with a different one – one that is based on a fantasy philosophy.

Sadly, there is a history of racism in American society, and historically it has manifested itself in some very ugly ways. Slavery and Jim Crow laws come immediately to mind. Racism is defined as the belief that all members of each race have certain characteristics that distinguish it as inferior or superior to other races. In other words, it is expressed by individuals, and some societies, as an attempt to characterize an entire race of people in ways that either make their own race out to be superior or another race to be inferior. This kind of belief can only exist based on a philosophy that accepts the premise that some races are actually superior to others.

While there have, historically, been many people who have claimed to be Christians who hold racist views, racism itself is not a Christian value. In fact, it is a naturalistic value. It is the belief that evolutionary development has instilled certain genes into various groups of people, and the genes of some groups are superior to others. Any Christian who holds racist views must do so in contradiction to what is taught in the Bible. Racist beliefs do not correspond to reality. In a physical sense, there is no genetically superior race. And while there are certain genetic distinctions in the various races, it is not genetics that provide value to human life. God has made all of humanity precious in his sight. That is reality.

Rule of Law
In modern American society, it seems that the rule of law is being set aside in many circumstances. The notion of the rule of law is based on the belief that all persons are equal before God, and that this inherent equality should be reflected in society’s laws by not favoring one group of people over another. In modern society, though, the rule of law is being systematically broken down because of the increasing influence of naturalistic philosophy. We see it in the favorable treatment certain people get in the legal system, and in the way certain courts interpret laws in contradiction to the intent of the legislators who passed them. In Naturalism, equality is not a recognized truth. Rather, its underlying principle is the survival of the fittest – the law of the jungle.

But morality is not based on human opinion or philosophy. It is an objective reality that God has established in the world. He created all humans as equal before him, and he established that principle as a moral law that cannot be violated without consequences. The consequences may not be seen immediately, but they will occur surely. God’s moral law is actual reality. The idea that people can make up their own morality related to the execution of the law is a fantasy point of view.

Group Deception
Communist/socialist ideology is becoming increasingly prominent in American society. This kind of ideology is completely contrary to the theistic beliefs that our nation was founded upon. And while its adherents try to portray it as a non-religious, political and economic philosophy, that is simply not true. It solidly rests upon a naturalistic worldview foundation that begins with the belief that the natural universe is all that exists.

Since America’s founding principles were established on the beliefs of Christian Theism, changing American culture to one that reflects a naturalistic point of view would be a difficult task – but one the Naturalists have been willing to take on. And to a significant degree, they have been successful. That said, the vast majority of American citizens still self-identify as Christians.

One of the tactics Naturalists have used to their advantage, besides the infiltration and take over of most of the major institutions of American society, is to create groups to dominate the news in a way that makes it seem that their ideology is spontaneously taking over the nation. Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter immediately come to mind. But the truth is, these groups did not spontaneously emerge representing mainstream American thinking. They were carefully planned, financed, and promoted by rich Naturalists. The tactics these kinds of groups use are based on fantasy and lies.

Bogus Science
Since Naturalism is the belief that the natural universe is all that exists, Naturalists must believe that all of existence is based upon natural law, and that it is possible to explain that existence using science. Probably the most prominent example of this is the belief in naturalistic evolution. It is considered to be settled science, by many, that life emerged from non-life, and that over time it evolved to higher and more complex levels to finally arrive at the mix of life forms that currently exist on our planet. The only problem is, it is simply not true. Naturalism is a belief system and is in no way able to be verified using the scientific method. Any Naturalist who claims to depend only on science to understand reality is either lying or ignorant of the actual facts.

Naturalists do not begin with science, but with their worldview philosophy. They then attempt to interpret the facts of the natural universe based on that philosophy – a task that is simply impossible. Science is a methodology, and the scientific method is incapable of proving any belief system to be true, including Naturalism. Science cannot explain the origin of matter and energy, the origin of life, the existence of the many life forms on earth, nor the origin of human consciousness. Those who believe the natural universe can be fully explained by science live in a fantasy world.

Naturalism Is a Lie
This article began with the observation that, “One of the biggest losers in modern society is the truth.” The reason this is so is because society is dominated by a worldview belief system that simply does not acknowledge the existence of objective truth. Truth, in Naturalism, is a moving target that is based on personal desire and societal consensus.

But that is not reality. Objective truth does exist. People who live by naturalistic beliefs live in a fantasy world. At some point it will crash, as the lies are exposed and slam into reality. But the greatest crash will be the ruined lives of people who don’t know God and must live outside of a relationship with him – both here on earth and in eternity.

God has revealed the truth to us and commanded that we live in it. When we make that the foundation of our lives individually, our temporal life and our eternity are secure.

© 2016 Freddy Davis

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