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The Hypocrisy is Palpable

Recently, a crazed gunman entered a Planned Parenthood clinic and started killing people. And when I say crazed, he really is certifiable. He is not connected with any particular political agenda, he is not part of the anti-abortion movement, he lives in a shack without indoor plumbing, and he has been arrested in the past as a peeping Tom and for animal abuse. The man really is loony. But that has not stopped the pro-abortion crowd from accusing those who are anti-abortion of being haters, and of being responsible for this tragedy.

But just hold on a minute. That assertion is, itself, insane.

First of all, a very large percentage of the people who are anti-abortion are specifically Christian. As Christians, we simply don’t subscribe to an “ends justifies the means” mentality. No true Christian would ever advocate killing people to advance a political agenda – even an anti-abortion one.

Beyond that, I have not heard a single anti-abortion person support what this man did. In fact, just the opposite. Every person I have heard or read about, who has said anything about this tragedy, has condemned his action.

But the thing that is really amazing to me is the blatant hypocrisy of the pro-abortion people who have been condemning their anti-abortion opponents. Here they are blaming anti-abortionists for the murders committed by this insane person, while they themselves are in the very business of killing millions of people. Planned Parenthood commits 40% of all abortions in America every year; making them America’s largest abortion provider – by far. That comes to over 300,000 baby killings per year. Over the years, they are responsible for over 4 million abortions. And what do that get for their “services? Well, 51% of their annual income comes from abortions. And we have not even touched on their baby parts selling business.

A biblical worldview values life – all life. On the other hand, the naturalistic worldview values of those who support Planned Parenthood allows for the murder of innocents as a matter of religious doctrine. The hypocrisy of their accusations against life valuers is breathtaking.

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  1. This issue is so loaded with emotion that is almost impossible to have a meaningful discussion. I have just one question, what is the source of your figure that PPH is doing 40% of the abortions in American? It is not blame we need for solutions. My position is stated in my article , Love not Law posted in LinkedIn and Facebook, go to Facebook and type in my name..

  2. Eugene,

    (Before I begin, the place where I got the 40% stat was from an article that can be found at:

    I read your article at: I’m sorry to have to say this, but you have a great deal of contradiction and non-biblical advice and suggestions in your article.

    First, let me say that the notions which form the beliefs expressed in the U.S. Constitution are absolutely from the Bible. I don’t know how much you know about worldview concepts, but there is no belief system in existence which expresses what we find in the Constitution outside of the Bible. Your initial contention on that front is simply not true.

    Beyond that, you seem to want to assert that biblical beliefs and non-biblical beliefs can both be true. I certainly agree that we are not to force our beliefs on others via the law, and I don’t see where that is permitted in American culture. In fact, the very idea that everyone has freedom of conscience to believe what they want is a biblical idea. It does not come from anywhere else.

    But that is not really the point in responding to your comment. The fact that people are free to choose their beliefs does not make every belief equally true. The truth is, most people chooses not to believe in Christ and their choice leads them to believe what is false, which leads them to separation from God.

    But even that does not really address your response to my blog. You say my comments are “so loaded with emotion that it is almost impossible to have a meaningful discussion. That simply is not true. The bigger problem is that you seem to accept the naturalistic presuppositions of Planned Parenthood as true. There are different outcomes that people are interested in and, as I read your comment, I am not sure what outcome you are trying to generate. Your comments justify the murder of babies in the womb by telling Christians they should just ignore the slaughter in order not to hurt the feelings of those who provide abortions.

    I don’t hate people who believe differently than I. But I am not willing to simply stand by and allow them to control the narrative – which allows them to promote abortion and not feel guilty. They should feel guilty and repent of the massive sin that they are promoting and carrying out. I really have a hard time understanding why you, as a Christian minister, have more sympathy for the Planned Parenthood crowd than you do for the millions of babies that are being killed.

    My article is not intended to promote a blame game. It is intended to show the hypocrisy of those who would support Planned Parenthood. Why are Christians blamed for being “blamers” and not the ones who are committing the atrocity? Why is it that Christians must be the ones to give up our belief in the value of life in order to promote a solution (rather then them giving up their justification for the murder of innocent life)? I’m sorry, I simply do not get your rationale.

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