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CowardiceYou can open up any news website, watch any news show on TV, or read any newspaper, and you are going to find multiple clips and articles which show the lack of honesty and integrity in our society. We have many high profile politicians who just lie through their teeth – even when the evidence of their lying is front and center for all to see. There are bureaucrats who implement policy which disadvantages certain segments of the population based purely on partisan political motives, in spite of the fact that it is against the law. We see high level politicians and bureaucrats picking and choosing what laws they will enforce, in spite of the fact that doing so is illegal. In business we have people paying off politicians, supporting immoral causes, cheating on their taxes, illegally hiring and firing people, pushing aside Christians and others who believe in biblical morality, and buying and selling products which are illegal and immoral. In the entertainment industry we see companies promoting political and moral agendas in ways which are designed to undermine traditional morality and force those who don’t agree out of the industry. And the root of all of this is a worldview foundation which is decidedly anti-God.

And why is all of this going on? It is going on because Christians are too afraid to take a stand. I believe there are a couple of reasons for this lack of courage.

For one, too many Christians are simply cowards. Just try and stand up in the face of political correctness and see for yourself what kind of firestorm blows back at you. It doesn’t matter that the PC crowd and their agenda are wrong, law-breakers, or immoral, they are loud and angry. Most Christians are simply not willing to express their convictions to the same degree as the anti-God crowd. You must know that this anti-God position is not a secular point of view as they would have you think. No, it is a religious position and they are willing to bash you with their religious beliefs until you submit. Very few Christians are willing to stand up to that just because they are afraid.

Another reason for the lack of courage is ignorance. It is much more difficult for Christians to express the truth about God and morality than it is for the anti-God people to throw out their loud insults and false sound bites. It takes some real work to learn why the Christian faith is true and the anti-God position is false. But with that knowledge, the immorality, lies and lack of integrity of these people can be exposed for all to see. Sadly, too few Christians are willing to make the effort to learn the things that will allow them to expose the lies. But if things are going to turn around, more Christians will have to make the sacrifice to get up to speed.

So where are you? Are you one of the cowards? Are you one of the ignorant ones? Are you willing to take yourself to the next level to allow God to use you to knock down the evil that you face every day? God wants people who are willing to be passionate for his cause.

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