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Why Atheists Feel the Need to Attack Christmas

Well, it has happened again this year. American Atheist organizations have once more resorted to putting up billboards to try and disparage Christians and Christianity. This year they are focusing on the Tennessee cities of Memphis, Nashville, and St. Louis, as well as Ft. Smith, Arkansas. (Jackson, Mississippi billboard companies refused to give them space.) The one that is gaining the most notice this year has a picture of a cute little girl writing a “Dear Santa” letter which says, “Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is to skip church! I’m too old for fairy tales.”

When this first started happening several years ago, I must admit that it got my dander up just a little. But I don’t feel that way anymore. Rather, I feel sadness and pity for these folk that the feel the need to put down other people’s beliefs in such a patronizing way. They are not merely trying to promote their own beliefs, which I could actually understand since I want to share my beliefs with them, as well. But instead of promoting their beliefs, they have resorted to insult as they attempt to put down the entire Christian population. I find that rather sad. Thinking about this, there are three observations that can be made about what they have done.

First of all, these Atheists must be very bitter people. That alone makes me pity them. I’m sure they would be angry at me for making this observation and would deny that sentiment in the strongest terms. But what else can one conclude? Anytime someone goes out of their way to put down other people because of their beliefs, it comes from ugly motives. Making a logical case for one’s own beliefs is a very different matter than putting other people down condescendingly and without any evidence to support their own position.

A second observation that jumped out at me is: Since when do Atheists believe in Santa Claus? Of course they don’t, even though the advertising is using the motif of a little girl writing to Santa. In fact, in past years they have even compared Jesus with Santa in an attempt to say Jesus is a myth. This only goes to show more clearly the malicious intent of the advertising campaign.

My third observation is that their attack is misguided because they really don’t understand the nature of their own beliefs. The truth is, Atheism is a religious point of view. There is no science at all to back up the central tenets of atheistic belief. In effect, what they are trying to do is make their own faith more prominent in the culture at the expense of Christianity. Essentially, they are trying to substitute one religion with another.

The reason these Atheists are attacking Christians in such a hateful way is because they are religious zealots. They are trying to push the Christian faith out of the public square so they can have their own beliefs in control without opposition.

As we approach the Christmas season, our desire, as Christians, should be to share the love of God with those who don’t know him. Rather than getting mad at these militant Atheists, we should express love and compassion toward them. We can do this as we attempt to help them understand the truth of how God came to earth as a man in order to provide a way for them to know him.

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  1. Dear Freddy,

    What about those of us who love Yeshua and the truth? Are we Atheists too? I can not speak for them, but I am for teaching liberty to the people. So I would like you to answer my (3) questions;
    1) Where is the word Christmas found in the King James Version of the Bible?
    2) Where is it also written that Yeshua or Jesus was born on December 25th?
    3) What scripture and verse is used to show the Apostles or Paul celebrated the birth of the Messiah?

    You see my friend, if we are giving and living the truth, hatred and lies will speak for themselves. It is apparent that you and I were taught lies, so we’ve taught lies. But now truth is available to us. All we need to do is accept it.

    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: [Don’t Stop Here Read The Rest] because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children. (Hosea 4:6) KJV

    • Bob,

      Your post really doesn’t make a lot of sense. Do you consider yourself an Atheist? I don’t believe the article was about non-Atheists at all.

      As for your 3 questions, they also don’t make a lot of sense?

      First, who ever said anything about the KJV? And why are you using that as a standard above other translations? If you want to be that technical, then you need to deal with the original languages. There is no translation which is perfect – including the KJV. In fact, there are a lot of issues with it.

      Beyond that, who ever said the word Christmas is found in the Bible at all? The Bible does speak of the birth of Christ and, in English, we have come to attach the word Christmas to that event. Beyond that, your question is meaningless.

      Also, whoever said that Jesus was born on Dec. 25? We celebrate his nativity during that time, but that is simply for the purposes of celebration. He was actually probably born in the Spring. Still, your question has no significance as it relates to doctrine or the practice of the faith.

      As for the last question, Paul doesn’t mention it at all. So what is your point? Are you trying to say that since Paul doesn’t mention it we should not celebrate the birth of our Lord? That kind of conclusion simply cannot be drawn from what is not mentioned. There are a lot of practices we have which are not specifically mentioned in the Bible. That doesn’t necessarily make them “wrong.” Your question is meaningless.

      Just exactly what “truth” are you talking about that you now have? You seem to going off on some tangent which doesn’t relate to the gospel at all.

    • Hey Bro Bob

      Some people who don’t believe in God can be insensitive to Christians especially during the official holidays in December. This small number seems to be growing as Christian numbers in traditional mainline churches are aging and shrinking. Some Christians can also be insensitive to people of faith who hold the view that God would never incarnate in one human or even three working together as one because for them that would be idolatry. Christians and non-Christians who love God with their whole heart, mind and soul and their neighbour as themselves often show respect for each other at Christmas time. Yet Christians are not always aware of the many other holidays that are sacred to other faiths. You are right. Christmas is not really about the birth of Christ. For Christians it is about God coming into the life of a man and his espoused and how this unorthodox calling to take God into the very womb of a hedonistic society challenged them and their neighbours and their enemies. The miracle that I like to remember and celebrate in the darkest month of the year is this. God is with us because a Jewish woman dared to believe that God had chosen her to bring this thing called eternal llove into her life (the very womb of her existence) and share it with her fiancé and their neighbours even when she and her fiance thought it was impossible because she did not have the wisdom, knowledge or power of men.

  2. Very well said, Freddy. I enjoyed your insights and your compassion for those who have no faith in God at all.

    • Thank you, Andrew.

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