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Belief SystemsThe fact is, EVERYBODY has some religious belief that is either true or false. And since there is no single belief system which represents a majority of the world’s population, most of the people in the world live their lives based beliefs that are not true.

Now if it turns out that there is no eternal consequence for believing the wrong thing, no harm, no foul. Unfortunately for many, there is an eternal consequence for being wrong. The truth is, eternal salvation is only found in Jesus Christ. As such, Christians have a profound responsibility to share that message with the massive numbers of people who do not know him.

There is a sad truth in the Christian community, though. Many, maybe even most, Christians feel very awkward about sharing their faith with non-Christians. And this awkwardness causes most to never share their faith at all. There are two main reasons this is so.

The first reason is that a large percentage of people who claim to be Christians are not totally sure about the truth their own beliefs. Because of that, they don’t feel confident telling someone else that their belief is false.

The other main reason Christians feel awkward about sharing their faith is that they don’t know how. The result is, they simply keep their mouths shut.

There are very simple solutions to both of these problems. The resolution to the first problem is to simply do a little study. The truth of the Christian faith is clearly discernable, as is the untruth of non-Christian belief systems. The answer to the second problem is to simply learn how to share your faith. It just isn’t that hard. In fact, MarketFaith Ministries has developed a series of training videos to help solve both of these problems. You can view them on the ministry website at: (and keep looking as there are more to come).

Learning to share one’s faith is a New Year’s resolution EVERY Christian should make. Perhaps today would be a good time for you to get started.

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