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ArrestShould our children be exposed to pornography in their schools as a part of the curriculum? Seemingly, the answer is yes at Gilford High School in New Hampshire. Of course, Gilford is not the only school where this is acceptable, but it is the most recent example that has made the news.

It seems that 14 year old English students have been assigned to read a novel by Jodi Picoult called “Nineteen Minutes.” The book is explicitly pornographic with extremely graphic descriptions of sexual activity. The school excuses themselves by saying the book deals with important issues like a school shooting, bullying and sexual violence. Since these are topics the school is trying to emphasize in the education of these young minds, the fact that pornographic material is also included is fine.

The reason this particular case has made such a splash is that the parents of the students were not notified ahead of time that their kids would be reading the book. Thus, there was no opportunity for the parents to opt them out. When one of the parents showed up at the school board meeting and complained, they had him arrested and taken out in handcuffs.

So the question is: Why is it okay for pornography to be taught to our kids in school? Here’s the deal. The people running our major cultural institutions, including our schools, don’t think there is anything wrong with it. As long as people who think like this are in charge, we will continue to see this same problem. The way to change it? Change those in charge.

Why, though, is this such a pervasive problem? It is because a naturalistic worldview has become the belief foundation that dominates our culture. A worldview is a way of understanding reality. The only way to change the worldview that now dominates the culture is for a massive number of people to have a literal change of heart by coming to know Jesus Christ. It won’t happen by accident. Believers are going to have to intentionally share Christ and promote moral values in the culture. Until then, we will continue to get what we are now getting.

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