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  1. Freddy, the truly crazy thing about the young man denied entry into the community college’s radiation program was that the interviewer asked him what was most important to him, a personal question to which he was forced to respond. He did not just volunteer that information, but the interviewer’s reasons for denial were completely illogical and biased, and told him basically that the next time he interviews, that he shouldn’t share that information. Well, bonehead, how about you as interviewer start by not asking personal questions that are meant to weed out what you deem as personally undesirable. Her reason given as “patients and others may not share your beliefs” could extend to her and her Gestapo tactics of discrimination of Christians or other undesirables. She needs to review the First Amendment to the Constitution, and somebody needs to explain to her that it doesn’t say that people can’t have religious beliefs or practice them or share them–it means that states can’t institute state religions (like Britain did with the Anglican and Catholic churches) and can’t stop the individual from practicing or speaking thereof. Your example of the conservative candidate arrested in Britain is a perfect example of the chilling effects of the Muslimization that has infected Europe and threatens our very core values here at home.

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