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FirefoxWell, its official. As of now I no longer use the Mozilla Firefox web browser. I switched over to it a couple of years ago and really liked using it. But obviously they don’t like me, and they hate my values so much that they will not even tolerate anyone in their organization who believes like I do.

Earlier this week, they hired a new CEO, Brendan Eich. He was one of the founders of the company and is the man who invented the JavaScript scripting language. In other words, he is a computer genius. However, almost as quickly as he was hired he was forced out. It was learned by radical homosexual activists that in 2008 he donated $1000.00 to support the California traditional marriage amendment. With that, everything hit the fan. There were calls for boycotts and for his head. Never mind that he basically disavowed his previous position, the fact that he supported natural marriage six years ago was enough.

The company then bowed to the pressure and forced him out. And when they did, they basically thumbed their noses at anyone who disagrees with their belief about morality. With their action, they demonstrated that they have no need for freedom of religion, freedom of conscience and freedom of speech. If they were a religious institution and someone wanted to lead the organization who disagreed with their doctrine, that would be perfectly understandable. However, they are a technology company. Their business has nothing to do with the moral beliefs of their employees. What has happened is that a strong lobby within and without the organization has their own moral standard and are intolerant of anyone who dares think or believe differently. As a result, they believe it is moral for them to discriminate against those who hold different values.

In their statement about this, Mozilla asserted that the company believes both in equality and freedom of speech. OBVIOUSLY NOT! They have trampled on both. They have demonstrated that not only are they intolerant of other points of view, but that they are not interested in associating with those who hold other points of view. Thus, I will accommodate their wishes. I have switched to another browser and will stay away until they apologize and make amends for their offensive behavior.

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