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Atheist Church

The very concept of an Atheist church seems like an oxymoron. After all, Atheists don’t believe in God and church is an institution based on belief in God. But like so much else in modern culture, [...]

Radio Podcast 2-11 – Jehovah’s Witness Teaching about Jesus Christ

Tal Davis and Freddy Davis discuss what the Jehovah’s Witnesses teach about Jesus Christ and how that differs from what is revealed in the Bible. Download the MP3 [...]

So, Is President Obama Really a Christian?

Many people get upset when President Obama’s faith is questioned. Some people are disturbed because he claims he is a Christian and they don’t think anyone has the right to question a person’s faith. Others don’t [...]

What’s Wrong with Porn?

Freddy Davis discusses the problems associated with the production and viewing of pornography based on a Christian worldview perspective. [...]

Radio Podcast 2-10 – Psychology

Download the MP3 [...]

Help for Young Girls from HHS

These days, it seem that there is no end to the scandals in our government. We are literally seeing assaults on the press, on private citizens, on conscience rights, on the legal system, and the list [...]

Can Atheists Be Moral?

Freddy Davis discusses the basis for morality and how morality must have some kind of foundation. Atheism has no such foundation while Christian Theism has a solid one. [...]