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There was Vanderbilt, then the University of Michigan, the University of Montana, Yale, Tufts, Hastings, the University of Buffalo and now a new one. Rollins College, in Winter Haven, Florida is the latest college to begin discriminating against Christian groups on campus which will not permit non-Christians into their leadership structure. This policy has led to a one-two punch in the face of Christians who attend the school.

First, InterVarsity Fellowship was de-recognized as an official campus organization after they refused to comply with the college’s non-discrimination policy. This Christian organization welcomes all comers to participate in its programs, but only allows followers of Christ to be in leadership. That is not acceptable to the leaders at Rollins College who insist that this kind of “discrimination” is not acceptable.

The second punch was an outgrowth of the first. A resident hall assistant at the college went up to a group of four students who were having an informal Bible study in the lobby of a dorm and told them they had to leave. It seems that the logical outworking of the policy was to not allow any Christians to meet together in any public place on campus.

Interestingly, Rollins College was opened in 1885 by New England Congregationalists who wanted to bring their style of liberal arts education to the Florida frontier. Much like Vanderbilt, Tufts, Hastings and Yale, Rollins began as an institution founded by Christian churches. How sad that they have drifted so far from their Christian roots that they now persecute Christians.

But there are two bigger points that believers in Christ need to be aware of. First, American culture is changing. What these colleges are doing is not causing this cultural shift but is a symptom of America’s move away from Christian beliefs toward naturalistic ones. Secondly, persecution is increasing. As the shift away from Christian beliefs accelerates, the hatred of Christian morality, and of Christians, will intensify. The bad news is, what has happened at Rollins is still the very front end of the anti-Christian tsunami that is approaching.

The good news is, Christians are not defenseless. We do have a case to make. The message of the gospel is the truth about reality and, ultimately, truth will win out. But it will be very painful for those who do not prepare themselves to deal with the opposition.

For now, it is “those people over there” who are being pushed. But what are you going to do when it is you? Do you know why the Christian faith is the truth and Naturalism is not? Do you know how to share the Christian message with a Naturalist? Do you know why the actions of the Rollinses of the world are evil and how to express the truth in love? Unless you, and a large number of other Christians wake up and prepare yourself, you and your children will be swamped.

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