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There are already two states in the union, Washington and Oregon, which have legalized assisted suicide. A third one is looking to join the club.

Sen. Ed Meyer, in Connecticut, has introduced a bill to legalize assisted suicide in his state. It is unclear, at this point, whether or not it will pass. But the issue has moved further along this time than it ever has before. This matter has been raised in Connecticut in the past, but this is the first time lawmakers have actually convened a hearing on the topic.

Proponents, of course, tout this kind of law as being the compassionate way forward. After all, no one should have to endure any suffering at the end of life. If it was as simple as that, though, there would be assisted suicide laws all over the place.

The brutal truth of the matter is, when these kinds of laws are put in place, the elderly are inevitably pressured to go ahead and end their lives for the “convenience of society.” After all, if they weren’t around, they wouldn’t be a drain on family or state coffers. And if you think this concern is just blowing smoke, all you have to do is check out what has happened in all of the places where these kinds of laws have been passed – ALL of the places.

The truth is, the very idea of even entertaining this kind of practice is utterly immoral. This concept does not come out of a Christian worldview which values human life because humans are created in the image of God. Rather, it reflects a value system which is rooted in Naturalism. It comes from the belief that the “good of the collective” is of higher value than the life of the individual.

Christians have a responsibility to stand against these kind of immoral efforts by government. The actions of a governmental body are NEVER neutral. They always reflect the beliefs and values of some worldview system. We have already allowed godless values to dominate in so many areas and are trending that way in others. As a result, we are already on a slippery slope which will turn us into a truly immoral nation. So, what are you going to do about it?

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