Blog Freddy — 21 February 2013

There are so many issues emerging in our culture today which directly challenge our Christian beliefs. Every day these challenges are becoming more blatant.

Take for instance Massachusetts’ “Bathroom Bill.” Last June a new state law went into effect called the “Transgender Rights Law.” This was a law designed specifically to promote rights for those who identify with a gender other than their biological one. The law itself originally specified that all public bathrooms would be open to those who self-identify as transgenders. Because of safety, privacy and modesty concerns, this clause was specifically removed from the law.

Fast forward to today. In order to clarify the law for the purpose of implementation, Massachusetts Commissioner of Education, Mitchell Chester, informed grade K-12 principals that they must allow boys and girls of any age who self-identify as transgenders to use the public school bathroom and locker room of their choosing.

What we have here is a classic clash of worldviews. Christians get their moral compass from the teachings of the Bible where this kind of thing is a definite moral offense. Those who are making these kinds of laws and rulings (Naturalists) do not use the Bible as their authority for moral guidance. They do not believe in the God of the Bible and rely on their own “wisdom” to determine what is right and wrong. To them, keeping transgenders from living out their feelings is immoral.

This is not merely a matter of conflicting opinions. It is a conflict based on how different people actually view reality. There is no deeper level of belief.

I hate to be so blunt, but there is only one way to resolve this conflict – that is to obliterate the other side. Naturalists and Christians have different ways of dealing with their opposition on this front. Naturalists seek to use power to dominate their opponents and force their view on the public. That is what we see happening in Massachusetts (where most people truly don’t want this to happen). Christians, on the other hand, look to take out the opposition in a different way – to lead them to Christ so that they will have a change of heart.

While making right law based on biblical concepts is a necessary element of creating a moral and orderly society, the only way the real problems will be fixed is for the majority have a change of heart. This can’t be done if only the “religious professionals” are doing the work. Every believer must get in the game. We have a lot of work to do.

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